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Профессор Құдайбергенов Сарқыт Елекенұлының 70 жылдық мерейтойына орай “Polymers for Advanced Technology” журналында Рединг (Англия) университетінің В.В. Хуторянский профессорының құттықтау мақаласы жарияланды.

Мақаладан үзінділер:

In May 2021, the polymer science community of Kazakhstan, numerous former students and collaborators will celebrate the 70th anniversary of Prof Sarkyt E. Kudaibergenov. Prof S. E. Kudaibergenov is a prominent Kazakh polymer scientist, known for his research into water-soluble polymers, polyelectrolytes, polymer complexes, hydrogels, polymer-stabilised colloids, catalysis by polymers and stimuliresponsive materials for various applications. This essay aims to present some highlights of research career of Prof Kudaibergenov with a particular emphasis on his most significant original contributions to polymer science.


On behalf of all collaborators, international colleagues, numerous current and former students I congratulate Prof Sarkyt Kudaibergenov with his 70th Anniversary and wish him all the best in his further research activities and personal life.
This special issue of Polymers for Advanced Technologies aims to celebrate Prof Kudaibergenov’s anniversary and contains contributions from many of his current and former students, international colleagues and collaborators. 

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