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A group of Kazakh scientists KazNTU named after K. I. Satpayev and the Institute for polymer materials and technologies has developed a new method to increase oil recovery.

“on 22 may 2015 in Kyzylorda area will begin work on the development of technologies in the field Kenlik LLP “South Oil” where there is a highly watered wells with high salinity reservoir conditions of high temperatures,” – said in information.


Field Kenlyk opened in 1989, belongs to the South Torgai oil and gas field accumulation of Mesozoic (Cretaceous, Jurassic) of Central Kazakhstan oil and gas province. Field Kenlyk is located in the Kyzylorda oblast of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Formed in the process of geodynamic development of circuit non-anticline traps of oil and gas in the side parts of the Graben-synclinal and on the slopes of the Horst-anticlinal similar traps Berezovsky and Shaim oil-gas regions of West Siberia and is known as the “bald” structures, in Kuduksky the zone of accumulation, located to the West Aksyiskiy and limited Saralinsky, Arysskoe and Akshabulak Graben-sinklinali.

The quality of the oil is high and oil Jurassic and Cretaceous sediments are similar in composition.
The oil is light (density 805-830 kg/m3) and medium density (835-854 kg/m3), slightly sulphurous (sulphur 0,11-0,52 %), paraffin (paraffin content of 9.7 to 27 %).

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